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          How to make your kidneys Healthier A, what habit

          Release date:2020-07-06 Source: This site Views:3743
           1. Persistent exertion
            Whether physically or mentally, mentally or physically, too much emotional excitement can damage the kidneys, even too much joy. For people, moderate emotions are the healthiest.
            2. Improper diet
            Drinking large amounts of coffee and alcohol, smoking heavily, and eating big fish and meat all cause kidney damage. Too salty diet will damage the blood, damage the kidney, too greasy diet will inhibit the kidney Yang, and guzzling alcohol will consume the kidney Yin.
            3. Recurring colds
            "Every disease is caused by the cold", the cold is also the only disease in the world that can not really cure the root. Cold is often the most direct cause of kidney damage. If you don't wear enough clothes in winter, you are ruining your body.
            In addition, a long period of illness, night in the pub, jumping around, surfing the Internet all night, and taking unhealthy medicines can all take a toll on the kidneys.
            Two, strong kidney healthy kidney tips
            1, stimulate the foot
            Rub the heart of the right foot with the left hand and the heart of the left foot with the right hand, once in the morning and once in the evening, each time rubbing for 300 times. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the foot heart of yongquan point is the place where turbiditis gas drops. Often massage Yongquan point, can benefit essence and kidney. In the meantime, massage foot heart can produce benign stimulation to cerebral cortex, regulate central nervous excitement and inhibition process, also have good effect to neurasthenia.
            2. Massage your waist
            Rub the palms together until the palms are hot, then put them to the waist, rub the palms to the skin, massage the waist up and down until you feel hot. One in the morning and one in the evening, each time about 200 times. Such massage, you can be healthy, invigorate the kidney and gas.
            3. Shrinkage of the anal canal
            Lie supine or upright, relax your body and breathe naturally. When expiratory, do the action of receding anus when defecate, when inspiratory loosen, undertake about 30 times repeatedly. Either morning or evening. This method can promote the blood circulation around the pelvic cavity, help the recovery of sexual organs, and has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of low sexual desire in women caused by kidney qi deficiency
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