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        3. The manufacturer(MFT) of Pandemic prevention products-Changsha Biotrong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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          News and information

          Congratulations on the success of our products

          Release date:2020-07-09 Source: This site Views:2957
             The website announcement is as follows:
            Mesh size :(5×5)cm, (7×9)cm, (8×12)cm, (10×15)cm, (10×20)cm, (10×25)cm, (10×30)cm
            The mesh size of chitosan functional nursing and invasive dressing :(5×5)cm, (7×9)cm, (8×12)cm, (10×15)cm, (10×20)cm, (10×25)cm, (10×30)cm
            Specification of chitosan biofilm mesh :(6×10)cm, (10×15)cm
            Investment Hotline: 400-666-5548
            Manager xu: 18975183687,13272447765
            Manager Long: 18975183727
            Welcome dealers to inquire.
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