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        3. The manufacturer(MFT) of Pandemic prevention products-Changsha Biotrong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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          Medical Isolation shoes cover short

          Medical Isolation shoes cover short

          FDA Resgistered Manufacturing Permit Filing NO.:湘長(cháng)食藥監械生產(chǎn)備20180008號 Product Filing Certificate No./Technical Requirement No.:湘長(cháng)械備20200210號 Product Performance:It conforms to YY/T 1633-201
          Contact number: 0731-82382520   0731-83282520

          Product Description

          Product Name: Medical Isolation shoes cover short

          Applicable People:Adult 

          Standard:YY/T 1633-2019

          Material:  non-woven fabric material

          Place of Origin:Hunan, China


          Certificated:FDA Registered

          Validity Period:3 Years.

          Scope of Application:To provide barrier and protection for clinical medical personnel in medical institutions when they come into contact with the patients with potentially infectious blood, body fluids, and secretions.


          1.Please check date and package before use. It is strictly prohibited to use when the package is damaged.  

          2.The product is one-time use only. Repeated use is not allowed. Destroy it after use.

          Storage Condition

          The package should remain intact, kept away from humid and high temperature, and stored in ventilative place with no corrosive gases.

          Direction for Use

          1.Unfold the shoe covers before use;

          2.Put on the shoe cover;

          3.Tuck the socks and trousers cuff into shoe covers(Tie on the band properly if have band )

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