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        3. The manufacturer(MFT) of Pandemic prevention products-Changsha Biotrong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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          Product center

          50pcs/box disposable medical mask FDA 50pcs/box disposable medical mask FDA

          50pcs/box disposable medical mask FDA

          FDA Registered. Registered Number:3016794574 Test Report with Standard EN14683 Type IIR Chinese Standard YY/0469-2011 Production capacity:1 million/ week
          Contact number: 0731-82382520   0731-83282520

          Product Description

          Product Name: disposable medical use surgery face mask 

          Applicable People:Adult Standard:YY/0469-2011 

          Material: the middle layer is made of melt blown and the outer/ inside layers is Non-woven fabric 

          Place of Origin:Hunan, China


          Model:Flat ear-loop

          Validity:1 Years 

          Certification:FDA Bacterial filtration efficiency:95% 

          Packing:50pcs/box with box

          Application:Anti-dust-smog-pollen MOQ:50pcs


          1.For one-time use only. Do not reuse. Destroy it after use. 2.Disposable products, Continuous wearing should not exceed for 4 hours. Please to replace it timely 3.Use with caution for those weak in heart and lungs.

          Storage Condition

          The package should remain intact, kept away from humid and high temperature, and stored in ventilative place with no corrosive gases.

          Direction for Use

          1.Take out the mask and sit upward the nose bridge clip make sure the mask completely cover the nose, mouth and chin 

          2.The concave side faces inwards, and the convex side outwards. For a two-color mask, the dark color side faces outwards, and the light side inwards; 

          3.Place the ear loops around ears, pinch the nose clip to let it fit your nose and face

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