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        3. The manufacturer(MFT) of Pandemic prevention products-Changsha Biotrong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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           Chitosan repair membrane

          Chitosan repair membrane

          Used for burn wound, skin ulcer wound, bedsore wound, chilblains wound, or surgical wound of dermatology, urology, orthopedics, etc.
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          Trade name: Chitosan repair membrane


          Investment Area: Nationwide (400-666-5548)


          Pharmaceutical category: Medical equipment -- oral materials, medical sanitary materials and dressings, medical suture materials and adhesives, medical polymer materials and products, interventional equipment, other equipment


          Approval Document No. : Xiangshi Drug Regulatory apparatus (permit) 2012 No. 2640044


          Dosage: membrane


          Ingredients: Preparation of chitosan biomaterial.


          Applicable departments: dermatology, ulcer specialty, internal medicine (diabetes specialty), surgery clinic, emergency room, dressing room, obstetrics and gynecology departments


          Scope of application: For bedsore, traumatic ulcer; Ulcers caused by sores, scabies, carbuncles, etc. Refractory ulcers, frontal, head wounds in diabetic patients. Application of laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery, management of small wounds


          Usage and dosage:


          1. Used for burn wound, skin ulcer wound, bedsore wound, chilblains wound, or surgical wound of dermatology, urology, orthopedics, etc.


          1) Clean the wound surface, remove necrotic tissue and eschar;


          2) Wash the wound repeatedly with normal saline or disinfectant;


          3) Absorb and dry the wound with sterile gauze;


          4) Take appropriate specifications of this product to completely cover the wound and keep it close to the wound surface. It is required that the surrounding area should be at least 1cm above the edge of the wound. Fix it with sterile gauze externally.


          2. Used for irregular deep wounds in pits, holes and points after surgery in dentistry, otolaryngology, proctology, general surgery, etc. : routinely disinfect the skin, fold or crimp-fill the appropriate specifications of the product, and externally use sterile gauze and protective wound paste when necessary.


          3. For sinus tract and fistula


          1) Routine skin disinfection, debridement of sinus tract and fistula external opening;


          2) Select a scraper of appropriate size, gently scrape the foreign body and secretions in the sinus tract and fistula until a small amount of blood oozes. If necessary, flush the wound with normal saline or hydrogen peroxide;


          3) Take appropriate specifications of the product and twist it into strips, and infiltrate 10% hypertonic nacl solution or 50% hypertonic glucose solution and fill them. When necessary, use sterile gauze externally and fix with protective wound.


          4. Under normal circumstances, the product can be replaced every 1-4 days or according to the doctor's advice, and the wound should be re-disinfected when replaced.


          5. When the product is replaced, it can be removed directly. If necessary, it can be removed after wetting with normal saline or distilled water.


          Properties: The product can promote the healing of burns, scald and all kinds of wounds. It has the functions of hemostasis, analgesia, protecting and injury and promoting tissue growth.


          Some users: Hunan Provincial People's Hospital, Fengfeng Energy Group and other hospitals

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